03/31/2019 Recent changes in Atum Engine

List of changes


  • – fixing moving by cursor arrows in Sprite Editor
  • – adding collision mask to phys object
  • – adding ability to filter ray cast query by collision mask
  • – adding debug triangles 2D
  • – adding shadow caster 2D
  • – changing collision callbacks for phys objects and triggers
  • – callback type can be set up in method node in script
  • – fixing bug when disabled objects could be hit by ray cast
  • – moving callback_type to node of ScriptInst
  • – trigger shouldn’t render if Invisible
  • – State of layers no longer are affecting to testing scenes
  • – make callback_type selectable from list
  • – Fix crash on deletion of folder
  • – Not allow to change a id of scene object in case of moving a object from one scene to another
  • – fixing issue with moving asset_inst between included scenes
  • – Saving of an asset_instances based on belonging of an asset_inst to a scene instead of belonging of an asset to a scene
  • – making FindByName search through included scenes
  • – Fixing showing of empty scene in case another scene was included
  • – fixing issues with grabbing scene nodes of included scenes
  • – correct render of trigger2D

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